Real Wealth

  • By Paramananda Ponnaiyan
  • 02 Jul, 2020
Real Wealth

The rat-race places wealth as the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, the rat-race wealth is a poor substitute for Real wealth. What is Real wealth ?

Wealth and Fortune

Do you want to be Wealthy or Fortunate? Real Wealth makes you fortunate. Fake wealth makes you unfortunate. If your wealth leads you to become weak and sickly, then it is Fake wealth. If it always provides you what you need when you need it, thats Real Wealth.

The Balance Sheet

In a business, the balance sheet counts only money. There is no column for health, fitness, emotions etc. Life on the other hand has many aspects. Each aspect needs to be atleast fulfilled, green to use the balance sheet terminology, to atleast show a profit. Lets look at a few of these


People with close relationships live longer and healthier lives. Thats a fact. So how much time are you spending on building relationships? Do you know what brings the most fortune to a person’s life ? Other People.

Objects you own

The next category of things that bring you fortune are the things you own. The problem in the present is that, due to great marketing, people hoard things they dont really like. The real reason why people get bored of their “things” is because they didnt really think about it before hand.

Buy only things that you Love. How do you do that?

  1. Look at the object in isolation (try to keep the noise of marketing at bay).
  2. Think about the future you will have with the object.
  • How much work will you need to put in to look after it?
  • Will you enjoy maintaining it?
  • How will you feel about it when it gets old?
  • Through all of this, will it give you JOY?
  1. Choose to have that object in your life. This comes with the corresponding responsibilities.

Assets and Liabilites

Great possessions may directly give you money, these are called Assets. They may lift your mood. They may remind you of great uplifting moments of your life. Get more of these.

Bad possessions drain you of money. They make you feel bad and burdened. That fast car was awesome when you bought it, but every month it sucks your wallet dry with its EMI. Soon you start to secretly despise it for all the work its making you do. These are Liabilites. Avoid or get rid of these.


Ultimately it is the drive to action that you need to protect. Your Enthusiasm is key to ever increasing wealth. How much do you have ? How can you increase it ? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Try and spend as much time doing things you love.
  2. Have a challenging goal that you are dedicated to.
  3. Work with other passionate people.


Money in the bank, is insurance for a rainy day. It allows you to take more risk, which could get you more returns.


Dont look at wealth as only money in the bank. There are many aspects, take time to develop those as well.