Results Take Time

  • By Paramananda Ponnaiyan
  • 02 Jul, 2020
Results Take Time

One of the most frustrating aspects when working towards a goal is waiting for the results to show up ? How can we stay motivated in that time ?

Why results take time.

The real reason for this, is because speed of light is constant in this universe. Yes seriously, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. This is true for information as well. You cant transmit information faster than the speed of light.

The sun’s light takes 8 seconds to reach the earth. Think about it, this is a system where every component follows the rules. With people and nature etc, time to get results can vary wildly.

Stay motivated

Your primary hurdle that will keep resurfacing is to keep motivated. If you stay motivated and keep working on your plan the results will come. So how do you stay motivated

  1. Split the goal into milestones
  2. When you reach a milestone, celebrate
  3. After celebrating, re-assess the goal, re-assess your way of working. Now go back to 1.

Having milestones too far into the future will make staying motivated harder. Dont keep milestones too close though as you may never make progress.

Plan to enjoy your work

In step 3, you should also look at ways to make the hard work a lot more enjoyable. Ask yourself What can you change in the process that would make each day a little more fun and exciting ? Then make those changes as you get ready to scale the next milestone. In this way you can Plan to enjoy your work.

Measure your progress on daily habits

Its a good idea to break goals into daily actions as well. Look at your goal and decide the daily habits that, if you adopt, will take you to your goal. Then measure yourself against how many times you perform that habit.

For example, you decide that keeping your employees happy will give you the quality you need from the product you are building. One habit you can take up is to talk to one employee every day on a one-on-one. Now through the month you track how many one-on-ones you have.

The benefit of this is that these daily habits will compound over time and give you huge results in the long term. As you practice them daily, they will also become second nature. It will make reaching your goal that much easier.


Results take time, so keep yourself motivated in the interim. If you can make actions habits, you can make the journey more enjoyable.