Stick to a schedule

  • By Paramananda Ponnaiyan
  • 03 Jul, 2020
Stick to a schedule

In the present age of instant gratification, it has become really hard to stick to a schedule. How important is sticking to a schedule ?

The Body as a Planner

There are so many processes that need to complete successfully for the body to be healthy. Hormones need to be pumped with specific quantities, Bowels need to be cleared, Rest has to be taken, Stomach juices need to be created for digestion etc.

While artificial stimulation is possible, the body usually has a fixed time for these processes. The time is based, mostly, on the presence and absence of light. The scheduling of body processes over a day is called a Circadian rhythm.

A Time to …

As the body secretes different hormones and other chemicals at different times, it follows that certain activities are more efficient and productive at different times. When we do things at different times on different days, the body may not be ready for the activity. This can cause a number of dangerous side-effects.

For example, not sleeping at the same time everyday impedes sleep quality and could make you drowsy throughout the day. As the mind is the prime beneficiary of good sleep, your cognitive ability could be severely affected.

Even activities that need mental focus are better done at regular times as our energy levels also peak and trough in a Circadian rhythm.

Time reduction

When you stick to a schedule certain body processes actually take less time, as they are more efficient. People have reported shorter sleep times without any added drowsiness.


Certain decisions, like “should I go to the gym today?” become super fast after you have been going to the gym regularly on schedule. This short circuiting of decisions gives you more time for other things and definitely less stress through the day.

Following a Schedule

A schedule sounds nice in theory, but following one requires determination and sacrifice. Are you willing give up your saturday night binge session to get to bed on time? After you have worked late one night are you willing to wake up at your scheduled time to stick to schedule?


The most important thing you need to understand is that you CANT force your way through a schedule. Atleast you cant follow it for very long relying on force. Forcing should ultimately lead to a point where the schedule becomes second nature.


Many times following a schedule is not about doing things, but rather about NOT doing things. Having a sharp cut off at 10pm means a lot of unplanned things wont be done. Certain television serials will not be seen and certain friends will not be seen so frequently.


One of the ways to do this is to visualize your reasons for following a schedule

  1. Better health
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Better cognitive skills
  4. Having more time at your disposal

Having a goal for this increased time and productivity is essential to successfully follow a schedule.


Creating and sticking to a schedule can afford you better health and give you more time for yourself. The key to following a schedule is determination and sacrifice.