Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for.

  • By Paramananda Ponnaiyan
  • 04 Jul, 2020
Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for.

Most of us are very responsible people. When given the charge of someone or something we go out of our way to make sure that they are looked after properly. But we dont look after ourselves with as much care ?

Do you matter ?

Your self esteem is your measure of how much you matter in society. Many times we have the wrong idea of how important we are, and that becomes our self esteem.

What is the truth though ?

Importance of Self Esteem

The way you treat yourself, is the way others will treat you as well. If you look after yourself well, dress well, eat well etc you will find that others treat you better! Its a virtuous cycle, the more you look after yourself, the better others will treat you.

The converse is also true, the less you look after yourself, the worse others will treat you. This is a vicious cycle, as the more people treat you badly, the less you look after yourself.

Building Self Esteem

Self Esteem is best built by accomplishing work assigned to you. The more challenging the task the more your Self Esteem grows. Failing in tasks repeatedly robs you of your self esteem. The difficulty is that if you have low self esteem, you are more likely to self-sabotage, so you tend to fail at tasks.

The normal way people work on their self-esteem is that they take up difficult tasks, DO them, as a result they HAVE accomplishments which make them BE(or feel) successful. DO -> HAVE -> BE. The problem with this process however is that its emotionally very taxing. Its hard to push against your constant feeling of “not being good enough.".

By flipping the process you get an easier way to get there. The process is as follows

  1. BE

Internally, treat yourself as an important person. Dress well, Eat well, get organized etc…

  1. DO

As a result of treating yourself well, opportunities will come up, accept them. Do the necessary work to get things done.

  1. HAVE

Successfully executing your tasks will give you accomplishments which will improve your self esteem.


Work on your self esteem using the “BE->DO->HAVE” Process. Begin by treating yourself like someone you are responsible for.