• By Paramananda Ponnaiyan
  • 05 Apr, 2021

A Coaching Program For Everyone

We offer a 6 week fundamental productivity course which sets up foundational structures for productivity.

Who this is for

This course is a beginners course in productivity.

If you love making plans but are unable to follow through.

If your work life is so hectic that after work you only have enough energy to eat and sleep (and binging on Netflix).

If your todo list is chocobloc with stuff you want to do, but you seldom have the energy to start doing them. Each day ends with only the urgent stuff being completed.

If you have dreams that call to you but you don’t have the energy or time to heed them.

Or if you have stopped dreaming because dreams don’t come true anyway, Then this course is for you.



Discover you Values and start living a deliberate life, one that aligns with your values. Adopt habits that will always lead you in the direction of your dreams. Add ease and joy to your life and stop relying on your self-motivation.


Many people go through life relying on shear self-motivation with little or no knowledge of the techniques of elite performance. While its certainly possible to live this way, the lack of time and support structures cloud the vast potential buried in each and everyone of us. This program is designed to setup these structures. Through weekly calls and assignments, you will practice habits that will help you organize your life, creating time for growth, relaxation or whatever else you choose.

We focus on your way of being. This creates a lot of ease and joy and avoids relying on your self-motivation. When powerful ways of being are installed the actions come automatically.

Our aim is to setup simple daily habits which will keep you focussed on what you really want. Obstacles will come in the way, but our psychological tools will help you stand your ground.

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The Coaching Process

The fundamental habits that we will establish are

  1. Journalling
  2. Working with ToDo Lists (without anxiety!)

These 2 powerful habits will set you up for a life of exploration and creativity.

We will then provide you tools to work on your way of being through the day. Your way of being will give rise to inspired action and break through results.

Throughout the process I will be available to support you and cheer you on.


The Coach

I have been a corporate leader for well over a decade and have studied and implemented various philiosophys of Motivation and Leadership in my life and work.

More About Me:

  • Certified Introduction Leader for the Introduction Leaders Program at Landmark Education.
  • Spent about 5 years in the Iskcon movement as a preacher of the Bhagawad Gita.
  • Guard Platoon of the Sea Cadet Corps during my school years.
  • Spent a month in Naval Academy before leaving it to Join NIT Calicut
  • Tech Lead at Cisco Systems
  • Head Of Engineering at Gojek
  • CTO of Kawa Space
  • Access Consciousness Bars practitioner
  • Blogs at
  • Twitter
    • For general comments (motivation etc) @param108

This course is an attempt to distill my experiences leading teams and making it useful to people looking to accomplish more out of their lives.


Course Structure

  • 6 Weeks
  • 1 hour one-to-one Call every week
  • Assignments every week
  • During the week coaching hotline on WhatsApp
  • Course Details

Course Fees

3500 Rs (INR) limited time introductory offer.



We also offer regular coaching.

  • 1 hour one-to-one Call ever week
  • During the week coaching hotline on WhatsApp

1000 Rs (INR) per month

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